Fixing a Messup

Have you ever messed up? Have you ever done something that you wish you hadn’t done, and then wished that you could take it back? Everyone messes up from time to time, but it’s often more difficult to apologize to a friend or loved one than it is to admit that you’ve done something wrong. What do you do if your friend won’t even talk to you to give you the chance to apologize? Then you have to be a bit more creative with your apologies. This is when a free animated ecard can come in handy.

Free animated ecards go directly to the recipient’s email inbox, making it impossible to ignore. Since you’re not around, most people will allow their curiousity to get the better of them and will click on the link to see exactly what you have to say. The Will You Forgive Me Please ecard is one that allows you to admit, very clearly, that you were wrong and that you are sorry. It asks your loved one or friend to “please” forgive you, and admits that you feel you definitely deserve punishment. This one ecard may open the door, making your loved one want to talk to you again.