Falling in Love and Saying it Right!

Have you ever fallen in love before? The rush of excitement when you first meet someone, coupled with the feeling of initial attraction, is addictive, and many people go for years without finding that one special person who means the world to them. Others, however, search and search for the other half of their heart. If you get lucky enough, you find someone to love. Telling someone you love them, however, can be a very nerve-wracking thing. What if, once you’ve told them, they don’t say that they love you as well? There are a number of ways to tell someone you love them, from being vocal to sending a free animated ecard. Which way works best for you?

Saying It Out Loud

If you’re a brave person, you tell the love of your life out loud that you love them. This, however, can have some serious consequences. If, for instance, you tell the person that you love them and they are quiet for a long period of time, you may believe that they don’t feel the same way about you. This could lead to the entire relationship breaking up, especially if you are a very insecure person. Or, even worse, the person you’re saying “I love you” to may turn around and break off the relationship prematurely because they are scared. This is when a free animated ecard can help to win them back, however, you’re looking to get a positive response the first time, without needing the “I’m Sorry” ecard.

Sneaky Ways

There are also sneaky ways to tell someone that you love them for the first time. For instance, you could place a note in their lunchbox or in a dozen flowers. You may write it on the bottom of a note and leave it in their car. Hopefully they won’t have anyone else bumming a ride during that important and vital time, or else you may wind up being a bit embarrassed! Sneaky ways can work, but more often than not wind up with the person feeling embarrassed afterwards.

Free Animated Ecards

Free animated ecards are another way to let that special someone know that you care for them. These ecards are designed to help you say those special words without any embarrassment experienced between either of you. For instance, if you wanted to tell someone you loved them for the first time, you could send a free animated ecard that is created to emote that specific feeling. You then are giving your loved one the chance to absorb that information, and are giving yourself the chance to wait for them to figure out how they feel. More often than not, the sentiment will be returned, simply due to the fact that you’re giving the person the opportunity to assess their true feelings. I love you free animated ecards work almost every time to announce to your true love how you really feel, and is a great way to keep reminding them! Of your feelings!