Celebrating Fatherhood with Free Ecards

Mothers are looked to as the epitome of caring and loving, but what about fathers? Fathers are often overlooked, except on Fathers Day, and are not appreciated. There are some amazing fathers in the world. There are some fathers who give up everything they have and own in order to take care of their children, and other fathers who are forced to raise their children on their own in a world that is designed for women to be single parents and not men. Free ecards can help you to celebrate fatherhood on an everyday basis, instead of just once a year.

Against Dads

The world is designed to celebrate fathers who like to take their children to sports games and who are found playing catch with their children in the front yard. It is not, however, set up for men who have to change a baby diaper while they’re in a grocery store, or for Dads who have to take time off to deal with a sick child.

Fathers, however, are just as important as mothers, and are just starting to assert their needs and rights. More and more you find diaper changing centers in the men’s bathroom, and men allowed to take time off from work. Some businesses even give men maternity leave, so that they can share the time with their newborn and their spouse, or so that they can adopt a child.

A New Kind of Dad

Gay and lesbian relationships are becoming much more talked about now, and it is not abnormal to find two men raising their children together in harmony. These men often have a lot of adversities to go through, and could definitely use a free ecard to help them to remember that there are people out there who agree with their decision to raise a family and who want to help celebrate fatherhood with them.

What to Say

There aren’t, however, many free ecards that exist to help you to celebrate fatherhood that don’t have the phrase, “Happy Father’s Day” on them. One way to tell your father how much you care about him is to send a Thank You card and to write a personal note inside of the free ecard, such as one of these:

• “Dad – thank you for always being there for me and for always supporting me.”
• “The world doesn’t always appreciate Dads, but I appreciate mine. Thanks.”
• “I know how much you gave up for me, and I know how much I love you. Thanks for always being there.”

No matter what you say, whether it’s just “Thanks for being there”, or “thanks for being you”, a free ecard can help you to let your father know exactly how you truly feel. Send a free animated ecard to your dad today thanking him for being a great dad and watch how emotional he will get.