Happy Halloween With Photo Ecards

Spook your friends with photo ecards

Going trick or treating in a scary costume is not the only way to celebrate Halloween. Why reduce the occasion to just an evening of fun, when you can get into Halloween spirit (pun unintended) days, if not weeks, ahead.

Yep! Although it’s only October, it’s Halloween that officially sets us in holiday mood. Regardless of the status of your job, the economy, swine flu and other issues, celebrating occasions and holidays is a great way to keep yourself motivated and positive.

Everyone knows that Halloween customs were initially adopted as a way to scare away spirits that visited the earth. Whatever the true reasons may be and whatever version of the story you like to believe in, a little fun never harmed anyone. Besides, going trick or treating with our kids once a year may be the only opportunity for some us to even meet our neighbors.

The interesting thing about Halloween is, everybody expects you to be dressed in a costume on Halloween night. You expect to see ghosts and ghouls and witches and vampires at your doorstep on Oct 31. That anticipation shaves off a little bit of the fun associated with scary Halloween surprises. You open the door, you see a ghost, you smile and head for the candy tin. Where’s the fun? The element of shock? The surprise?

So this Halloween, try something different. How about a harmless prank played on your neighbor? (harmless being the operative word!) Maybe his newspaper disappears mysteriously a few days in a row and in its place he finds a …let’s see….a picture of a skull? Ok, maybe that’s lame, but you can definitely come up with something cleverer.

The point is to let the fun begin a few days ahead, in preparation for Halloween.

And one terrific way to do that is with Halloween Cards. Our selection of Halloween ecards are great for reminding people of the upcoming holiday and to send a little spook their way. But even better are free photo ecards or halloween printable cards. You can’t possibly make it to every costume party at your friends’, colleagues’ or relatives’ places. But you certainly can send a photo card with a picture of you in a costume to everyone. And for that, you don’t have to wait until Oct 31. You can start today. Simply get into a costume, get yourself photographed and you’re on your way to sending your friends and family a free Halloween photo ecard.

Try it. And let us know how your friends liked it.