Keeping a Sense of Humor

Black Friday Ecard
Black Friday Ecard

As we gear up for the holidays, one important factor to maintain in our lives is a sense of humor. This Thanksgiving, send a FREE e-card to your friends instead of wasting hours surfing You-Tube for that eerie turkey video. Fun e-cards are a quick and easy way to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Two of our most popular funny e-cards are “Thanksgiving Rally for Turkeys” and “Black Friday.”

In “Thanksgiving Rally for Turkeys,” we are reminded that even the source of the popular Thanksgiving feast has one thing to celebrate: Vegetarians! A gaggle of turkeys carrying banners and signs show their support for herbivores. This e-card is perfect for those who abstain from meat, as well as that friend or family member who is notorious for scarfing every last morsel from their plate.

“Black Friday” cleverly reminds us that Thanksgiving is the predecessor to a whirlwind shopping adventure on what has become known as Black Friday. While many people spend Thanksgiving relaxing with family and friends, others use the newspaper ads and online specials to plan a shopping route to round up great holiday deals! Do you know anyone who would rather spend Thanksgiving with the circulars than the turkey? Remind them of the importance of family and friends with a super e-card!

Holiday festivities can be hectic and dramatic. Remind everyone you know to keep it light with a funny card from!