Thanksgiving Less Stress

Thanksgiving Ecards
Thanksgiving Ecards

Every holiday is stressful.  But especially recently, too-high gasoline prices have added to that stress.  Some—myself included—have even forgone traveling on the holidays the past couple years, electing instead to have a quiet meal alone, and then call family members who live far away to wish them well.

Even though the reasons may be due to the overall struggling economy, gas prices, as you no doubt have noticed, have dropped sharply in the past several weeks.  I don’t know about you, but I’m spending about half as much money on gas now as I was a year ago.  Of course this means a little extra money in the wallet, but it also means we can afford, at least a little more easily, to travel long distances to see our families on the holidays.

So this Thanksgiving, don’t worry about the economy for at least one day.  For at least one day, just be thankful that it’s a little easier this time to make a long-distance trip out of town, to see friends and loved ones who lived far away.

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