Love at Thanksgiving

Thankful for you ecards
Thankful for you ecards

Each year in November, we begin to assess all the gifts for which we are most thankful. At dinner tables across the country, we extol the wonders of a fabulous feast, of our comfortable homes, our secure investments and savings accounts. We regale family and friends alike with stories of our successes, and we gloss over our failures.’s free e-card “Thankful for You” reminds us all that we also need to be mindful of and thankful for romantic love during this time of year. This card features a woman who has made a list of each thing in her life for which she is thankful. She slowly begins to cross off food, water, shelter, and savings account. Once each item is slashed, she writes one simple word: You.

“Thankful for You” is thoughtful and romantic in its simplicity. It brings to light the basic human need of connection. Too often we take those we love for granted, when a simple gesture, like an e-card, will easily remind them how much we care. “Thankful for You” finishes with the line that sums up the best sentiments brought on by Thanksgiving: You are the one thing I’m most thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, my love. Send your love a special card this season, and remind them how precious they are to you!

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