Christmas “Learning my Lesson”

Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

Last year I decided I wasn’t sending Christmas cards.  There were too many other things to do, in getting ready for Christmas, that if I could eliminate any headaches, I would do myself a favor.  And one headache to eliminate was Christmas cards.

But it didn’t take too long after my mailbox began filling with cards from friends and family members that I panicked.  Even if I didn’t send out cards, I realized, I’d still have to write thank-you notes for those I received, which in itself would take more time than just sending out cards in the first place.

I rushed to the greeting card store, to buy a box of greeting cards.  But of course, being only a couple weeks before Christmas, the store was sold out.  An employee, though, suggested I head to the book store at the mall, because they usually sold Christmas cards.

Well, I went there, and she was right: they did have Christmas cards for sale, but the price was so exorbitant I nearly passed out after seeing the tag.  But I didn’t have a choice: I had swallow the sickening feeling and buy them anyway.

And so, at the end of it all, I had, in fact, bought Christmas cards that I had originally planned to not buy; and I certainly didn’t save any time or money. 

What I should have done—and what I am doing this year—is send my Christmas cards through  Their animated free e-cards are easy to send—I only need to provide the e-mail address of the recipient—and they feature only free e-cards, meaning I won’t spend a dime.  

I learned my lesson from last year.  Hopefully, though, you can learn from my mistake, and avoid the stress in the first place