Christmas Sight and Sounds


You can always count on the Christmas season for the great sights, the pretty sounds, and the delicious smells. Even though money is tight and my family doesn’t plan on doing too much shopping, we still like to jump in the car and head to the mall to take in the sights and smells of Christmas. We go to look at the great big tree with its ornaments that are bigger than basketballs! We walk by the bakery and the coffee house just to smell the pumpkin bread and the candy cane hot chocolate. We let the kids play in the free kid area where they have a clear view of Santa Claus, listening to their peers admit to their urgent Christmas wishes. My kids don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, he is still too scary in person, and that is fine with me! That is one more dollar I need not spend!


Christmas Ecards
Christmas Ecards

And while I may browse by something I think I need, or that I think a loved one would love to find under the tree, I look to my children who are just amazed at all of the sights and I remember that Christmas isn’t just about the presents. On our way out of the mall, we stop to listen to a children’s choir sing our favorite holiday tunes. And still yet in the car we drive slowly so the kids can take in all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Christmas is everywhere! I still have my loved ones in mind as we reach home, so I head to the computer and send them some Christmas ecards. Money spent on this fabulous day in December? None. Happiness gained on this fabulous day? Countless Amounts. Christmas is what you make it, so make it a good one

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