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Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

Sometimes, on holidays, when we’re far away from the people we love, the urge may be present to not spend any time on Christmas shopping for them: after all, opening Christmas gifts in March lacks a certain something, doesn’t it?

            But while you certainly don’t need to break your bank in shopping for those out-of-towners in your life, you can easily do something to let them know you’re thinking about them.  You can call them on the phone, of course.  And I usually write my best and oldest friends personalized letters every Christmas—even those I haven’t seen in years.  Another option chritmas ecards —and one I’m certainly taking advantage of—is

            And, of course, don’t forget those farthest away of all: the men and women of the United States Military, serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and all over the world.  I can guarantee you that one phone call, letter or e-card will mean a whole lot more to them than your Dad’s new lawnmower will mean to him.

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