Adopt a Mom this Mother’s Day!


With Mother’s Day around the corner, you’ve probably planned a grand day ahead for Mom. While you’re at it, here are a few simple ways in which you can bring joy to other Moms as well. After all, all mothers deserve to be honored, at the very least on this special day. So, why not adopt a mom, this Mother’s Day and warm her heart? In the process, you would have made yours proud. And what better gift could there possibly be?

4 ways to make another Mom’s day.

Offer to baby-sit for a new mom. There’s nothing a new mom would appreciate more than a few hours of free time to get out of the house, take a nap or just do something for herself. If your friend, sister, cousin or colleague has had a baby recently, give her this gift of time on Mother’s Day. A short break from her round-the-clock caring for baby routine will work wonders on her spirits and also give you the chance to cuddle up with her little one.

Be a friend. Is your best friend away from home? Spend a few hours with his or her mom, so she doesn’t miss her son or daughter as much.

Make a stranger feel special. Visit an old age or homeless shelter and wish the women there a Happy Mother’s Day. Offer to do something special for one(or more) of them. It could be as simple as taking them out for ice cream, or cooking a meal for them or just playing their favorite music.

Send free Mother’s Day ecards. Not just to your own mom, but to all the moms you know. From your cleaning lady to your child’s caretaker at daycare – why not make their day with a free wish?

How to Spend Mother’s Day


      Most holidays have some pretty strict traditions attached to them: on Christmas, we all sit around the tree and watch the children open gifts; on Thanksgiving the entire family gathers for a great meal; and on Valentine’s Day you finally dig into your pockets for that expensive piece of jewelry to give as a gift.  But how do you spend your time on a less ritualized holiday?  How, for instance, should you spend Mother’s Day?

      Here’s a good outline, if nothing else.  Start the day with an alarm clock—even if you don’t have school or work that day.  In other words, make sure you’re awake before Mom is.  This will give you a chance to do all those early-morning activities—fixing breakfast, making sure the kids’ school lunches are ready—that she would normally do herself.  If you bought her a gift (surely you bought Mom a gift!), give it to her in bed.  Let her know you were excited about getting her a present that you simply couldn’t wait to give it to her.  From there, throughout the day, do everything you can to make sure Mom doesn’t have to lift a finger.

      Most of all, though, you should spend Mother’s Day however Mom wants to spend it.  It is, after all, her day.  And for all the things our mothers do for us, we don’t give them nearly the amount of credit they deserve.

Mother’s Day Beyond the Rituals

Mothers Day Ecards

Mother's Day Ecards


Rituals are good. But being merely ritualistic takes away some of the meaning behind an occasion. There comes a point when we automatically start Christmas shopping in November, browse Valentine’s Day cards in February and…and rush to save on last minute Mother’s Day deals in May.

The fact is, every single day we live is in a way, Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t be here but for her. We wouldn’t be who we are, if it were not for her. And the bottom line is that we don’t really need a day, a gift or a reason to express how much we love Mom and appreciate her. Sure, these gestures may bring Mom joy and probably even make us feel better about ourselves. But, I think, one of the reasons such occasions exist is so that we take the time to really reflect and think about that one person, all that she means to us and how she has shaped our lives.

So, why not stop your Mother’s Day shopping frenzy for a minute and spend a few moments thinking about your Mom?

I dedicate this post to my Mom. I urge you to share your thoughts in the comments section.

What Mom means to me

She is the embodiment of calm, strength and understanding. I have never seen her raise her voice or lose her temper. Nor have I ever seen her crumble under pressure, cave in or give up in the face of adversity. She simply keeps her cool and does the right thing.

She is an intelligent, intuitive, humble and clear-headed woman who loves her family and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Her calm, composed nature is her strength. However, it takes one who really knows her well to understand that what lies beneath the silence is solid substance. She is too smart to let the little annoyances and imperfections in life get in the way of the bigger picture. She speaks four languages, is a wonderful cook, a math star, a well-read, compassionate person and a real lady.

I am proud of my Mom.

Tell us – What does Mom mean to you? 

Mother’s Day Wishes…make them count!

Mothers Day Ecards

Mother's Day Ecards

If you and your siblings live far away from family, guess what’s the one thing your mom would really like for Mother’s Day?

Sure, she might enjoy the spa certificates, flowers and chocolates you send her. But she would probably trade all of it in a blink to spend time with all of you or, at the very least, hear your voices and see a recent picture of you and your family.

Here’s one idea that is sure to make Mom smile (or move her to tears!)

Personalized Mother’s Day Ecards

 You know how our free Mother’s day ecards can be personalized? Well, here’s how you can make it better. Call up your siblings…get everyone to send a free, personalized Mother’s day ecard with a family picture and a voice recording of Mother’s day wishes attached.

Imagine the look on your Mom’s face when she finds her inbox flooded with Mother’s Day ecards. Not just regular ecards, but personalized ones with pictures of all her kids and their special voice messages wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day!  

 Get creative with Mother’s Day message

You could even go one step further and collaborate efforts – create a cryptic message where each ecard’s voice recording leads to the next. In this way you and your siblings could create a voice puzzle for Mom which when completed could convey a surprise message such as “Mom, you’re the coolest” or “Mom, we’re on our way home!” 

So, this Mother’s Day – do the unexpected. Gifts, flowers and fancy dinners, although thoughtful gestures, lack personalization. With free Mother’s day ecards that carry voice and picture, you can fill the void at no cost.

Have you ever created an out-of-the-box, personalized gift for Mom? 

Share your ideas with us! Click on comments below.

Mother’s day – It’s about spending time, not money


Luckily for us, what moms want most on Mother’s day (and any day, for that matter) costs next to nothing. The one gripe many moms share is that their kids don’t spend enough time with them. There. Now, that’s one gift almost anyone can afford even on the tightest of budgets. I’m not suggesting that you be cheap. By all means, save up and spend on a special Mother’s Day gift …but, before you start wondering,
“What should I get Mom?” why not stop and think “What would Mom really like?”

This Mother’s day, you could take your mom out to a fancy restaurant where you will exchange pleasantries instead of the heart- to-heart that she wants, plan an extravagant outing where you will constantly be interrupted by phone calls from work, put thought and your savings into expensive gifts she’ll probably never use or send her on a luxury cruise to a faraway island, when all she wanted was to spend a few hours with you.

Or, you could

  • turn off your cell phone ( and other gizmos) for a day
  • pay your mom a surprise visit
  • bring her flowers or a simple, but thoughtful gift
  • make her breakfast or lunch
  • take her where she wants to go (shopping, to a play or show, to the lake, Church, to see grandkids)
  • talk to her…about your life, family, work, kids, dreams
  • really listen to what she has to say…about whatever’s on her mind
  • do something she loves with her – go bowling, take a walk in the park, help with her scrap book or gardening project
  • tell her how much you appreciate her and how she has made you who you are and how proud you are of her
  • send your mom a free Mother’s day ecard expressing your love, gratitude and admiration

For some reason many of us choose the tougher way out and spend more money than time on Mother’s Day, when a few hours with Mom is all it takes to make her feel loved and special.

This could be the year you reverse the trend. A perfect way to start may be with a free Mother’s Day ecard.

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day? 

Mother’s Day Ecards


We all know the drill on Mother’s Day: maybe you bring Mom breakfast in bed; or you buy her a little gift, something she’s been wanting for a while.  If nothing else, you certainly make sure you buy her flowers, right?  So with all of these Mother’s Day Musts already laid out in front of you, why would you possibly want to add to that and send Mom an e-card, too?

      Simply put, sending an ecards this Mother’s Day is a great idea because it’s something unexpected.  Think about it: when you bring Mom her breakfast in bed, it doesn’t make her happy because she happens to be really hungry.  And when you bring her flowers, she doesn’t think to herself, “Finally, I have something to put in that empty spot on the window sill.”  No, Mom loves the things you do for her on Mother’s Day because of the unexpected surprises that your gifts and gestures are. 

      So when Mom wakes up on the morning of Mother’s Day, and sits down at the family computer to check her e-mail, just imagine how pleasantly surprised she’ll be to see an e-card—from you—waiting in her in-box! 

      Send Mom an mother’s day e-card.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s free, and, best of all, it’s just the sort of surprise she’ll love to receive. And you can find mother’s day ecards here