Mother’s day – It’s about spending time, not money


Luckily for us, what moms want most on Mother’s day (and any day, for that matter) costs next to nothing. The one gripe many moms share is that their kids don’t spend enough time with them. There. Now, that’s one gift almost anyone can afford even on the tightest of budgets. I’m not suggesting that you be cheap. By all means, save up and spend on a special Mother’s Day gift …but, before you start wondering,
“What should I get Mom?” why not stop and think “What would Mom really like?”

This Mother’s day, you could take your mom out to a fancy restaurant where you will exchange pleasantries instead of the heart- to-heart that she wants, plan an extravagant outing where you will constantly be interrupted by phone calls from work, put thought and your savings into expensive gifts she’ll probably never use or send her on a luxury cruise to a faraway island, when all she wanted was to spend a few hours with you.

Or, you could

  • turn off your cell phone ( and other gizmos) for a day
  • pay your mom a surprise visit
  • bring her flowers or a simple, but thoughtful gift
  • make her breakfast or lunch
  • take her where she wants to go (shopping, to a play or show, to the lake, Church, to see grandkids)
  • talk to her…about your life, family, work, kids, dreams
  • really listen to what she has to say…about whatever’s on her mind
  • do something she loves with her – go bowling, take a walk in the park, help with her scrap book or gardening project
  • tell her how much you appreciate her and how she has made you who you are and how proud you are of her
  • send your mom a free Mother’s day ecard expressing your love, gratitude and admiration

For some reason many of us choose the tougher way out and spend more money than time on Mother’s Day, when a few hours with Mom is all it takes to make her feel loved and special.

This could be the year you reverse the trend. A perfect way to start may be with a free Mother’s Day ecard.

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day?