Mother’s Day Beyond the Rituals

Mothers Day Ecards

Mother's Day Ecards


Rituals are good. But being merely ritualistic takes away some of the meaning behind an occasion. There comes a point when we automatically start Christmas shopping in November, browse Valentine’s Day cards in February and…and rush to save on last minute Mother’s Day deals in May.

The fact is, every single day we live is in a way, Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t be here but for her. We wouldn’t be who we are, if it were not for her. And the bottom line is that we don’t really need a day, a gift or a reason to express how much we love Mom and appreciate her. Sure, these gestures may bring Mom joy and probably even make us feel better about ourselves. But, I think, one of the reasons such occasions exist is so that we take the time to really reflect and think about that one person, all that she means to us and how she has shaped our lives.

So, why not stop your Mother’s Day shopping frenzy for a minute and spend a few moments thinking about your Mom?

I dedicate this post to my Mom. I urge you to share your thoughts in the comments section.

What Mom means to me

She is the embodiment of calm, strength and understanding. I have never seen her raise her voice or lose her temper. Nor have I ever seen her crumble under pressure, cave in or give up in the face of adversity. She simply keeps her cool and does the right thing.

She is an intelligent, intuitive, humble and clear-headed woman who loves her family and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Her calm, composed nature is her strength. However, it takes one who really knows her well to understand that what lies beneath the silence is solid substance. She is too smart to let the little annoyances and imperfections in life get in the way of the bigger picture. She speaks four languages, is a wonderful cook, a math star, a well-read, compassionate person and a real lady.

I am proud of my Mom.

Tell us – What does Mom mean to you?