Mother’s Day Wishes…make them count!

Mothers Day Ecards

Mother's Day Ecards

If you and your siblings live far away from family, guess what’s the one thing your mom would really like for Mother’s Day?

Sure, she might enjoy the spa certificates, flowers and chocolates you send her. But she would probably trade all of it in a blink to spend time with all of you or, at the very least, hear your voices and see a recent picture of you and your family.

Here’s one idea that is sure to make Mom smile (or move her to tears!)

Personalized Mother’s Day Ecards

 You know how our free Mother’s day ecards can be personalized? Well, here’s how you can make it better. Call up your siblings…get everyone to send a free, personalized Mother’s day ecard with a family picture and a voice recording of Mother’s day wishes attached.

Imagine the look on your Mom’s face when she finds her inbox flooded with Mother’s Day ecards. Not just regular ecards, but personalized ones with pictures of all her kids and their special voice messages wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day!  

 Get creative with Mother’s Day message

You could even go one step further and collaborate efforts – create a cryptic message where each ecard’s voice recording leads to the next. In this way you and your siblings could create a voice puzzle for Mom which when completed could convey a surprise message such as “Mom, you’re the coolest” or “Mom, we’re on our way home!” 

So, this Mother’s Day – do the unexpected. Gifts, flowers and fancy dinners, although thoughtful gestures, lack personalization. With free Mother’s day ecards that carry voice and picture, you can fill the void at no cost.

Have you ever created an out-of-the-box, personalized gift for Mom? 

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