Mothers Day Ecards

Mothers Day is next Sunday May 10th, 2010. Here are some fun facts to surprise your Mothers:

In 1914, the US Congress passed legislation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

82.8 million Estimated number of mothers in the United States in 2004.

55% Percentage of 15- to 44-year-olds who are mothers.

81% Percentage of women 40 to 44 years old who are mothers. In 1980, 90 percent of women in that age group were mothers.

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Adopt a Mom this Mother’s Day!


With Mother’s Day around the corner, you’ve probably planned a grand day ahead for Mom. While you’re at it, here are a few simple ways in which you can bring joy to other Moms as well. After all, all mothers deserve to be honored, at the very least on this special day. So, why not adopt a mom, this Mother’s Day and warm her heart? In the process, you would have made yours proud. And what better gift could there possibly be?

4 ways to make another Mom’s day.

Offer to baby-sit for a new mom. There’s nothing a new mom would appreciate more than a few hours of free time to get out of the house, take a nap or just do something for herself. If your friend, sister, cousin or colleague has had a baby recently, give her this gift of time on Mother’s Day. A short break from her round-the-clock caring for baby routine will work wonders on her spirits and also give you the chance to cuddle up with her little one.

Be a friend. Is your best friend away from home? Spend a few hours with his or her mom, so she doesn’t miss her son or daughter as much.

Make a stranger feel special. Visit an old age or homeless shelter and wish the women there a Happy Mother’s Day. Offer to do something special for one(or more) of them. It could be as simple as taking them out for ice cream, or cooking a meal for them or just playing their favorite music.

Send free Mother’s Day ecards. Not just to your own mom, but to all the moms you know. From your cleaning lady to your child’s caretaker at daycare – why not make their day with a free wish?

Mother’s Day Ecards


We all know the drill on Mother’s Day: maybe you bring Mom breakfast in bed; or you buy her a little gift, something she’s been wanting for a while.  If nothing else, you certainly make sure you buy her flowers, right?  So with all of these Mother’s Day Musts already laid out in front of you, why would you possibly want to add to that and send Mom an e-card, too?

      Simply put, sending an ecards this Mother’s Day is a great idea because it’s something unexpected.  Think about it: when you bring Mom her breakfast in bed, it doesn’t make her happy because she happens to be really hungry.  And when you bring her flowers, she doesn’t think to herself, “Finally, I have something to put in that empty spot on the window sill.”  No, Mom loves the things you do for her on Mother’s Day because of the unexpected surprises that your gifts and gestures are. 

      So when Mom wakes up on the morning of Mother’s Day, and sits down at the family computer to check her e-mail, just imagine how pleasantly surprised she’ll be to see an e-card—from you—waiting in her in-box! 

      Send Mom an mother’s day e-card.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s free, and, best of all, it’s just the sort of surprise she’ll love to receive. And you can find mother’s day ecards here