Valentine’s Day – What not to do

Are you one of those people who make elaborate Valentine’s Day plans? Are you easily disappointed if everything does not go according to plan? Do you intentionally take it easy, not bothering to do anything special just to prove a point? Or is it just another day to you? 

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, it might be a good idea to avoid doing certain things on this day.  

Don’t spring nasty surprises on your loved one

This is not the time to announce that you are quitting your job to write a book or that you have to cancel an upcoming vacation or that you may be going bankrupt soon. Unless it’s an emergency that can’t wait another day, resist announcing bad news on Feb 14! You have 364 other days to do it, after all. 

Don’t blow your budget

Avoid overspending, unless you have the key to a hidden treasure or are related to an Arabian prince. This might be tough to do if you’re in the habit of having Valentine’s dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town and splurging on the biggest rock available. However, if you know for a fact that you might spend the better part of the remaining year paying off your credit card debt, well, maybe you should reconsider downgrading to a nice, but less fancy restaurant and maybe a gift that you can afford.  

Don’t bring up pending issues

Maybe he forgot to pick up the dry cleaning….again.  Maybe you had a big fight last evening. Maybe, you are worried about losing your job. Whatever else may be on you mind, try pushing it away for at least a few hours and have a pleasant day or evening. Problems, issues, fights and the economy will still be here when you wake up on Feb 15. So, why let them ruin the one day you have been looking forward to? Our free Sorry and Love you ecards can help you make up just in time. 

Don’t stress yourself out

Holidays and special occasions aren’t meant to be stressful, but who would have guessed?

It’s ok if you haven’t been able to buy the perfect gift, couldn’t get the dinner reservation you wanted,  or if you are not feeling well enough to go out. Bottom line – don’t worry that you won’t have the Valentine’s Day of your dream. That will only make it worse. Make the best of whatever you have and enjoy yourselves no matter what you do or where you are. 

Don’t let pressure or guilt take over

I suggest turning off the TV at least a week before the big day. Switching channels during commercials won’t work because you’re bound to encounter them some time and they have this way of making you long for something you can’t afford or don’t even want. Same goes for friends, cousins and coworkers who go on and on about what they’re getting/giving/doing. If you feel pressured to match their lifestyle or to beat their budget, start running. The farther the better.  This is one time of the year when just listening to someone else’s plans can make you want to do crazy stuff either out of guilt or peer pressure. Don’t give in to either. It’s your day to spend as you choose with your loved one/s. And don’t let anything lead you into thinking otherwise. 

Don’t overlook the simple stuff

Sometimes all you need to express you love are simple things like a hand-written love note or a free Valentine’s Day ecard. Check out all our ideas for spending quality time with your loved one on Valentine’s day and don’t ignore the simple, beautiful gifts that cost nothing, yet create memories that last a lifetime.