My Favorite Valentine Ecards

Valentine’s Day – What’s your take?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day – I come across two stark contrasts in people’s attitude towards the occasion. Either you go completely overboard with every possible budget-blower on the list from flowers and chocolates to an expensive dinner to diamonds and a moonlight cruise….or you pretend nothing’s going on around you and shirk all the eye-popping pink off as a silly indulgence for starry-eyed fools.

I myself fall somewhere in between – leaning more towards the latter than the former. I mean, sure, I enjoy my diamonds and flowers – who doesn’t? But, I’d much rather we do something unconventional, meaningful and something that adds value to my relationship. Like take a trip somewhere or enroll in a fun couple’s class or watch a show together.

But, I think, one thing we can all agree on and pretty much anyone can afford to indulge in is – sending free ecards to the ones we love. Regardless of your views on Cupid and this holiday, sending free ecards is something that’s easy and fun to do, which brings a smile to everyone and requires no investment in terms of time or money. It’s just a simple, sincere, fun way of expressing yourself. Whether you want to say the three magic words or just want to ask someone out, or even just want to reconnect with an old fling – sending a funny, witty or sentimental Valentine’s Day ecard is a great way to do it.

Here are a few that I like –

To Someone Special – A simple, elegantly designed ecard that conveys the message without much ado. I love the colors and the simplicity of this one.

Taj Mahal – If you’re in a committed relationship or approaching that stage, what better way to express your sincerity than by sending the person you love your very own virtual Taj Mahal? You can’t go wrong with this monument of love.

Lost Without You – Ok. This one’s for you if you prefer to express yourself visually…I just like the cute sentiment behind this ecard.

Love Magic – What do sunshine, a rainbow and love have in common? They can make the gloomiest of days and toughest of moments disappear….like magic!

Nurture the Garden of Love – I love this one for its symbolism – it takes several elements to nurture a beautiful garden. Just like it takes two people and a lot of trust, caring and understanding to nurture love into full bloom.

If ecards are not your thing – no problem! Check out these beautifully designed, free printable Valentine’s Day cards. These tastefully created cards match the quality and design of paper greeting cards and come without the price tag. Add your personal message or photo and print them out at home. The perfect option for those who want to avoid crowded greeting card aisles to buy ridiculously expensive cards.

So, no matter what your style – be it ‘overboard’ or ‘just not-into-it’ or something in between – you’re sure to find a free Valentine’s Day ecard to match it.

And that’s my take!