Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day falls on June 20 2010.  If you’ve already started looking for gifts and aren’t having much luck, check out our post on How to Choose Father’s Day Gifts. These tips may help you figure out what Dad wants this year.

Of course, you don’t always have to opt for gifts off the shelf. Making gifts is a great option that allows more personalization and saves you money. Ironically, hand-made gifts, which may cost less, are usually the ones that we can’t attach a price tag to. Their value lies not in the actual product but the thought and effort that goes into them, especially when they’re made by kids…which is why they’re considered priceless and are preserved for years.

So, if you’re wondering what to get your dad or husband on your children’s behalf for Father’s Day, take a look at some of these ideas and throw in your own creativity to make the gifts truly unique.

Father’s Day Gifts You can Make at Home

Hand-written poem wall or desk accessory:
Encourage children to write a short verse, poem or song for Dad in their best hand writing. They can even design the background or add a decorative border if they like.  Cut the poem to size and insert it into a photo frame – find an old one in the basement or attic that you can reuse.  To give the gift a longer life, consider laminating it instead. This will make a great gift for Dad’s desk or his office wall.   

Photo collage poster:
Start by collecting memorable pictures. For example, find pictures of your child holding her dad’s hand or the first time Dad gave Junior his bath, or one with Dad and baby asleep on the rocker. Look for pictures that tell a story or rekindle a memory. Scan them and use basic tools from image editing or graphic design software to position them however you want to create a collage poster.  Include dates and locations against each picture, Add a caption such as World’s Best Dad, Happy Memories with Dad or Happy Father’s Day.  Print it out on poster paper using an online service or an office supplies store. Or print it out on regular paper and have it laminated.   This gift adds a fresh twist to conventional photo gifts.
Alternatively, consider printable Father’s Day cards from gotfreecards.  You can select from dozens of designs, add a photo and your personal message and print it out.  Choose printable cards that can be colored in to turn it into a craft project for kids.

Hand-painted photo frame:
Breathe new life into an old, unused frame or purchase a photo frame with unfinished borders and personalize it.  Put your stamp on the photo frame by hand-painting a border design, adding your dad’s initials or a short message such as, We (heart) you Dad.  Young kids can finger paint it or add a free-hand design.  Don’t forget to insert a special picture in it before you give it to Dad.  Check out more tips on how to paint and decorate picture frames.

Coupon Book:
What are Dad’s least favorite activities? Mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, washing the car…? Why not make a coupon book of services offering Dad the option to use them on a day he doesn’t feel like doing something. Make a list of age-appropriate tasks that your children could do and help them make a book of coupons . For example, you might include ‘Lawn Mowing and Raking on any Two Saturdays of Dad’s Choice’ and ‘Exclusive Access to TV Remote on One Sunday Every Month’.  Coupons are a fun way to enlist children’s help around the house, while giving Dad the gift he could really use – free time!

Memories DVD w Personalized Album Cover:
Most of us have tons of video footage of our children’s milestones and don’t know what to do with them. Well, now is your chance to put them to use. Select the best shots that are special to Dad and make a Father’s Day video or slideshow. Add music and witty captions.  Get your kids to design a CD cover to go with it.  This is one movie Dad won’t fall asleep half-way through!

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