How to Choose a Father’s Day Gift

Fathers Day
Fathers Day

Father’s Day is a few weeks away. If you find it difficult to select the right gift for Dad, start by taking a couple of minutes to think about it. Instead of heading to the store or to a shopping site and browsing thousands of gift items, start by making a list. A list of your dad’s interests, what he needs, things he may find useful or interesting or something that might motivate him to pursue a hobby or a healthier lifestyle.

Dads can sometimes be difficult to buy for. If you find yourself in such a situation, Father’s Day is a great time to put some thought into what your father may really appreciate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Father’s Day gift:

Dad’s needs: Observe Dad closely and listen to him. Maybe he needs to upgrade his cell phone or perhaps he could use a new car stereo? Maybe he’d like some help renovating the garage.  As you engage in casual conversation, pay attention to the little details your Dad reveals inadvertently. If you ask him what he wants, he’s probably going to say, “Nothin’!” but if you listen carefully, you’re sure to find something that Dad really needs at the moment.

Dad’s interests: Parents spend most of their lives sacrificing their needs and forgoing activities they enjoy so they can save up to educate their kids or to give their family a better life. Now is the time to encourage Dad to take up his favorite hobby again or to pursue a new one. Whether it’s golf or photography,  give your Dad a head-start by buying him the essential items he will need( a camera, golf clubs) or by signing him up for a class or enrolling him in a club.  Motivate Dad to get actively involved with a favorite sport or activity by getting him a gift he can’t wait to use.

Dad’s Health and Lifestyle: If your dad isn’t too careful with his diet and lifestyle, give him a gift that makes it easier. A health club membership, an exercise bike and cook books with nutritious, low fat recipes are options.  If your dad already leads a healthy lifestyle, reward him with a gift that supports it. He may like a new pair of running shoes or a watch with a compass.

Gifts for Dad’s Work/Travel: The frequent traveler Dad will appreciate gifts that make his trips more comfortable in some way. Consider an organizer for his toiletries or travel documents, or an electronic photo holder to hold his grandchildren’s pictures. Personalized coffee mug and mobile music players make great gifts too.

Anytime Gifts for Dad’s: Some gifts are great for all kinds of Dads and come in handy if you’ve run out of ideas. A tool kit, for example, lasts a long time and lets handy-man Dad finish his in-house projects.  If he hates yard work, consider hiring someone to help him out for a few weeks.  Get him a subscription to an online movie rental service or buy him tickets to a game or show in his town.

When buying Father’s Day gifts, spend more time thinking about your Dad and his tastes and less time shopping – the secret lies in reading his thoughts and buying him the gift he really wants. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on gifts. All that counts is the expression on Dad’s face when he opens them!  So, before you select a gift, visualize your Dad opening it – and if you see him smiling…it’s probably the perfect choice!

Tell us about the best Father’s Day gifts you ever bought.

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  1. This is indeed an excellent idea. Thanks for the suggestion. What better than to let him watch USOPEN golf happening the same weekend.

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