Free Valentine’s Crafts and Paper Projects for Kids

Not everything about Valentine’s day has to cost you a fortune. In fact, some of the most enjoyable aspects don’t.

This year, you don’t even have to run to the store to buy craft supplies and paper. You don’t have to stand in store aisles picking out a big box of Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s classmates. Just head to our printable cards or photo cards section. You’ll probably be amazed at the variety and number of colorful free printable Valentine cards we offer. But, wait! That’s not the best part.

Did you know that you could turn this into an easy and fun Valentine’s Day project for your kids to do?

What better way to spend a wet or freezing afternoon or an unexpected school closing than by helping your kids make their own, free Valentine’s Day cards at home?

Older kids can browse and select their cards themselves, They could even upload a picture you approve of to a photo card, print it out and add their own personal touch or note. With younger kids, you can encourage them to select a card or picture they like, or select one and print it out for them and get them to color in or doodle on the blank side to personalize it.
By encouraging your kids to make Valentine’s Day cards –

* You save what you would have otherwise spent on expensive store bought greeting cards

* Kids have the opportunity to express their creativity and talents, thus spending a few minutes away from TV, internet or video games

* Friends, teachers and relatives who receive the cards appreciate them more as your child took the time to personalize each card

* You teach your kids the value of money, time and effort

* You get to spend time with your children and engage in a family Valentine’s Day bonding activity! Just what it’s all about.

And it all takes just a few minutes. Browse, select, personalize and print!

Tip: You don’t have to settle for making just greeting cards with these printable cards. Use them as wall posters, invitations to Valentine’s Day parties or even as wrapping papers for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you come up with cool, new ideas for Valentine’s Day projects, tell us about them!