Upcoming Spring Holidays Easter and Holi

Upcoming Spring Holidays Easter and Holi

Wow! Can you believe that March is almost upon us?! As hard as it is to accept that we’re already approaching the third month in 2010, I won’t deny that this is the time of the year I look forward to the most. Who doesn’t? What’s not to love about spring(allergies aside!)? Flowers in full bloom. Nature at her glorious best. Milder temperatures. Longer days.  The anticipation of summer. Everything about spring reflects celebrating a fresh start. It’s not surprising that spring time puts people in a better mood, as many studies suggest! I could have told you that myself! Just seeing more sunlight, spending time outdoors, getting more fresh air, seeing lush greenery works wonders for your state of mind, mood and overall health.

And to top it all, you have the year’s first holidays coming up to lift your spirits further. No matter where you are and what your faith, the arrival of spring is marked by festivities of one form or another.

Take Easter. This colorful holiday celebrated in memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, has its origins in the festival of fertility – Eastre. It has evolved into one of the most widely celebrated Christian holidays and is marked by children dressed in their best clothes going on Easter egg hunts and coming away with baskets full of goodies, families coming together to pray, spend time together and welcome new beginnings.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the Hindu festival of Holi that is not very different in spirit. This Indian spring festival is marked by a reenactment of Ras Leela – the divine dance and song celebrations of Lord Krishna and his beloved Gopikas in the gardens of Brindavan.  In India, Holi is an occasion for children and adults alike to engage in fun and pranks such as splashing colored water or spraying paint over each other. There are a number of legends associated with Holi, but, in all of them, the underlying theme – the onset of spring in all its glory – is unmistakable.

No matter which part of the world you live in and what your beliefs, we hope that you will take some time to celebrate new beginnings and to rejoice in the blessings you are surrounded by this spring.

And to help you get into the spirit of Spring festivities, we have created dozens of free Holi Ecards and free Easter Ecards for you to share with your friends and family.

Don’t forget, Easter falls on April 4th and March 1st is Holi!

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Holi – Celebrating colors, harvest and life!

How would you like to be smeared with a splash of rainbow-colored water and powder from head to toe before you even realize what’s happening? Not your idea of a perfect day is it? But, if you thought that being the victim of a practical joke is the last thing anyone would ever want, you probably haven’t heard of Holi. The Indian festival of colors. 

Colors = Life! 

This popular Indian festival represents the successful winter harvest and the coming of Spring or Vasanth. This is one day when Indians across the country, especially Hindus, celebrate life in all its vibrant hues, abandoning inhibitions. 

The Holi festival celebrates the spring season. But it is also symbolic of the way Lord Krishna engaged in a playful celebration of life itself with the beautiful Gopikas (woman cowherds) of Brindavan or Gokul (the gardens where they herded the cows)- singing, dancing and surrendering to love in its purest, divine form. There are several other historical and mythological stories also associated with the origins and significance of Holi. 


Family Fun Fest!

Today, Holi is a day when families in India come together, exchange delicacies, sweet dishes and gifts, smear each other with color(gulaal powder) and just have a good time. Getting intoxicated with bhang, holding Matka or Earthen-pot breaking competitions, playing pranks have all come to be associated with this joyous festival that people of all ages enjoy and look forward to. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you can easily get a feel of the spirit of the occasion from numerous Bollywood films. If you live far away from family or friends, don’t forget to send free Holi ecards from our bright and cheerful collection created specially for the occasion.

Some of our upcoming posts will explore the origins of this vibrant Indian festival, the rituals associated with it and other aspects. Holi falls on March 11 2009. So, you still have time to plan a celebration with friends and family. The only question is – are you ready to get your hands (and possibly your outfit, your face and your whole body) dirty?!!