Got Free Ecards make over

Do you like our new avatar?

If you visited recently you probably noticed that we have been hard at work! Yep! We’re working on creating a better, friendlier website that you will find easier to use than ever before.

We are really excited about these changes that will save you time and make sending ecards even more of a breeze.

If you have been visiting us for some time, then you know that in just a few short months, we added several new features to our site – including the event reminderprintable cardspost cards and famous quotes. On our blog we bring you tips and gift ideas for different occasions and updates about our latest features and ecards. And of course, we are constantly updating our large selection of free ecards and post cards with wonderful new themes. You can rate, bookmark or add our site to your myspace page – all of which will help us understand what you like about us and where we can improve.

So, go ahead, tell us. How do you like our new look? And what new features would you like to see bring you in the coming months?