November 4, 2008

Free Ecards

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There comes a time in the calendar year when we start to think about the people who have slipped our minds for one reason or another. All year long there may have been small reminders of them, and we think to ourselves, “Oh, I’ll call them next week.” But next week, and then next month, comes and goes and alas, we have forgotten again. And then – wham! November is here and thus the holiday domino effect: Thanksgiving leads to Christmas leads to New Year’s Eve leads to January and time to put everyone off once again.

We certainly don’t mean to do it, but the hustle and bustle of our to-do-lists can be to blame. So what can we do? Well, since it’s November, it is a time to be thankful for the relationships we are lucky to have, so we can send some “Thank You” ecards to make up for lost time. Or we can send an “I’m sorry” card for all those times we thought about picking up the phone but didn’t. Here at Got Free-eCards there are cards waiting to be sent for these very reasons. And remember, there is someone out there who needs to send you a card too…

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