Thanksgiving-“Bucking the Trend”

Free Thanksgiving Ecards
Free Thanksgiving Ecards

Thanksgiving is known for turkey, mashed potatoes, and that delicious lumpy gravy your grandmother makes.  Thanksgiving is also known for spending thirty dollars buying the turkey, spending hours in the kitchen, finding a place for out-of-towners to sleep, and the arduous clean-up process that takes hours after dinner is over.

This year, my family is eliminating at least part of the headache.  Spread across three states and five hundred miles, we’re meeting up at a rather central location and enjoying a buffet-style meal at a certain nationally-popular Italian restaurant.  Substituting lasagna for turkey may seem a bit odd, but after the meal, we all get to go back to the hotel, and leave the dirty dishes to someone else—who’s actually getting paid to clean up.

But it’s not just that going out to eat makes everything easier; it’s also that going to a restaurant allows us to reflect on something that’s too often forgotten on Thanksgiving: it’s not about the food, or the cooking, or the headaches.  Thanksgiving is about just that: giving thanks.  On this day, we come together as friends, loved ones and family members, and appreciate all the good blessings this life has given us.

In much the same vein, you can celebrate Thanksgiving by sending free e-cards  Our animated e-cards are an easy, personalized way to celebrate the holiday in its purest sense: doing something small, just to say to something, “I love you, and I’m thankful that you’re in my life.