Snazzy Animated Halloween Ecard!

It’s dark and eerie; there are sounds coming from every corner.  And then, a shriek!  A ghost jumps out and visitors to the Haunted House scream while others laugh out of sheer excitement.  Don’t we just love the Halloween season?  It is filled with excitement and pumpkins and costumes and haunted houses!   

There are many things we love to do on Halloween, but none of it is any fun when done alone.  Instead of calling your pals to invite them to join you for the celebrations, do it via email with a snazzy animated Halloween ecard!  Pick some Halloween ecards to send, and include a message inviting one person or all of your friends to come out with you! You can write your own personal message like “I picked you for a boyfriend, now help me pick a pumpkin!” or “I’d like to take you out on Friday the 31st, will you go trick or treating with me?” or even “If this card didn’t spook you enough, come along with me to a haunted house!”  At, there is a marvelous selection of Halloween ecards, all animated and FREE to send to as many people as you want to.  All you have to do is pick the card, write the message, send it off via the internet, and you’ll be sure to have the spookiest Halloween yet!

Halloween Candies or Ecards!

October is sure to be a month of purchases: Halloween candy, costumes, spooky decorations, pumpkins, and admission tickets to the neighborhood haunted house. But money need not be spent on Halloween cards, especially cards at typical stores that have no animation and that still require postage! is the one stop shop for all your card sending needs, Halloween included. There are spooky ecards, wishful ecards, and comical ones like the Competitive Witches ecard, all FREE and all animated. No postage needed as they are sent via the internet to the recipients email inbox, fast and free.

Now is the time to send Halloween ecards, it is early enough in the month that there are still those who haven’t given a thought to Halloween yet. Now is the time to remind them that Halloween is here by sending them your favorite Halloween ecard from Do you want to scare them silly, make them laugh, or make them ponder their Halloween costume? You can do all these things and more simply by sending them an animated ecard.

So put your money away and browse to check out the awesome Halloween ecard selection; pick as many as you want, write some spooky and funny messages, and email them off! Make sure everyone you know has a faBOOlous Halloween.

Sending happiness via ecards is easy!

Halloween Ecards
Halloween Ecards

Times are tough; the economy is questionable and people are searching for lighthearted moments to get them through these down times. Thankfully we have holidays and seasons to add colorful variety to the day to day doldrums. Now is the best time of year; fall brings Halloween and Thanksgiving which leads to Christmas and the New Year in the winter with the potential for blessings and bounty. We need to embrace these opportunities for fun and celebration and spread the festive joy! So start the fall season off with some spooky and silly Halloween ecards, emailed right to all of your favorite people. They are FREE and professionally animated, so they are good for your wallet and pleasurable for the viewing eye!

Everyone is looking for a reason to smile, and something to look forward to. Remind your friends and family that Halloween is just around the corner by sending them a free ecard from They’ll be able to watch it over and over and will want to pass the celebration on to others by sending their own ecards. So get going and get sending; get your world in a good mood with the free animated Halloween ecards at Times are tough; sending happiness via ecards is easy!

Free Ecards for Halloween!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Boo! Did I scare you? No? Well, how about this: if you buy greeting cards from a retail store, you’re going to be set back between three and dive dollars a card!

Halloween’s supposed to be scary, but not that scary!

But have no fear (well, not much, anyway): the e-cards at GotFreeCards are always free. And they’re easy to send to anyone, with just a couple of clicks needed—and you won’t waste a moment searching for the right sized envelope, either. Plus, the cards at are animated, making your choice of a free e-card seem a little more thoughtful than even one of those five dollar cards from the store.
Boo! Still not scared. Oh, well. I tried.

It’s Fall It Must Be Time for Halloween

The leaves are turning, the night air is chilly, and the wind is stirring up the fallen leaves.  There is fright in the air, costume stores have opened their doors, and the pumpkins are ripe for picking…Halloween is here!  Kids start to dress up in costumes weeks before and visit pumpkin patches looking for the perfect pumpkin with “jack-o-lantern” potential.  Adults start planning Halloween parties and looking for the perfect costume, one that must out-do last years’.  It all leads to the last day of the month, October 31st, the day every witch, goblin, and ghost has been waiting for!

So while you are shopping online for your family’s costumes head over to and do some early “trick or treating” in the form of free animated ecards. For those you know that are already getting into the spirit, send them a Halloween ecard to celebrate with them!  And for those you know who haven’t even given thought to what they want to dress up as, send them an ecard to jump start their Halloween celebration.  It won’t cost a penny and takes about 2 seconds to send!  All of the Halloween ecards are fantastically animated, so choose them all to send to all of your friends!  And spread the word, tell your friends to go to to send their own Halloween treats!

Halloeeen Ecards
Halloween Ecards

Halloween Ecards -A Trick or Treat!

Halloween is definitely a holiday that people enjoy planning for, decorating for, and celebrating once a year.  It is a time to enjoy with everyone, and getting people in the spirit of the festive holiday is part of the fun!  What better way than by sending your friends a Halloween “treat”: an animated ecard sent to their email inbox, something they won’t be expecting, but something that is sure to chill them, thrill them, or make them hungry for Halloween candy!  At GotFreeCards, all of the ecards are animated, and the best “treat” of all, they are FREE!  You could of course take time out of your day to head to the store, browse through the selection of Halloween ecards, pay money for the card and postage, put it in the mailbox and hope it gets there in time. But then when will you have time to make your fabulous costume or carve your pumpkin!  A store bought card won’t be animated, it won’t be free, and the recipient won’t be able to forward it to all of their friends to see.  At GotFreeCards it will, and they can!  Let GotFreeCards assist you in making this year’s Halloween the best yet, by getting your friends in the Halloween spirit with animated ecards.  It’s our “treat”!