Snazzy Animated Halloween Ecard!

It’s dark and eerie; there are sounds coming from every corner.  And then, a shriek!  A ghost jumps out and visitors to the Haunted House scream while others laugh out of sheer excitement.  Don’t we just love the Halloween season?  It is filled with excitement and pumpkins and costumes and haunted houses!   

There are many things we love to do on Halloween, but none of it is any fun when done alone.  Instead of calling your pals to invite them to join you for the celebrations, do it via email with a snazzy animated Halloween ecard!  Pick some Halloween ecards to send, and include a message inviting one person or all of your friends to come out with you! You can write your own personal message like “I picked you for a boyfriend, now help me pick a pumpkin!” or “I’d like to take you out on Friday the 31st, will you go trick or treating with me?” or even “If this card didn’t spook you enough, come along with me to a haunted house!”  At, there is a marvelous selection of Halloween ecards, all animated and FREE to send to as many people as you want to.  All you have to do is pick the card, write the message, send it off via the internet, and you’ll be sure to have the spookiest Halloween yet!