Halloween costumes don’t have to cost a fortune

Are you tired of spending money on ridiculously expensive Halloween costumes that your child will wear only for a couple of hours? No worries! There are ways to make Halloween, and almost any other occasion, fun for your kids and family even if you are on a tight budget. Here are two thrifty saving tips to get cool Halloween costumes without blowing your budget.  

Make your own costumes. Get creative.

Used gift wraps, old night gowns or bath robes, bed sheets, old curtains, table cloths, chart paper, cardboard can all be used to make a unique Halloween costume that can’t be found in stores. With your imagination and a little creativity, you can make this ‘annual Halloween costume making’ a fun, family project. What a great way to save money and spend quality time! Besides, you can come up with your own themes. One family I know dressed up as a garden salad bowl once.  The parents were celery and spinach, the kids were carrots, broccoli, peas and beans! What a wonderful way to get kids to like vegetables! Can you think of a theme that will engage your family?  

Buy costumes a year in advance. If you are sure you will be purchasing a costume for your kids next year, then why not buy them now, at a bargain price? Plan ahead. Stores put up Halloween costumes on sale the day after Halloween. You will find great deals on some very good costumes. This is the perfect time to buy next year’s Halloween costumes at a steal. Remember to buy children’s costumes a size or two larger.

Remember, having fun does not necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money. Spending more time doing what you like is more important. So, don’t let the economy, job cuts, fuel prices or anything come in the way of your celebration. By being creative, you can still celebrate in style.  And while you are at it send out free ecards to your loved ones.