Christmas traditions bring cheer


Free Christmas Ecards
Free Christmas Ecards

Although Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, even people of other faiths enjoy many of the Christmas traditions. Besides having religious significance for Christians, Christmas season also brings cheer and joy to almost all corners of the world irrespective of the faith. The lights, colors, music and festivities associated with Christmas have a way of lifting one’s spirits even if he belongs to a different faith. I, for one, love the Christmassy look that shops, malls and streets take on. I love to walk around my block, observing the lights on each house and taking note of what’s new this year. I like to visit different malls just to see the different ways Christmas trees are decorated. Although I belong to a different faith, I can relate to and appreciate the feelings that abound, around Christmas time. The spirit of giving, sharing, loving. Family members traveling long distances to be home for Christmas. Parents cutting back on expenses and tighten their budgets so they can keep their promises to their children on Christmas. Christmas brings out the generous streak in almost everybody. It’s not only about shopping for one’s family, but also about giving to the less fortunate. Helping just once a year may not be enough, but at least Christmas is one occasion that drives people to think about lending a hand. This is the perfect time to teach children about giving and helping the needy. Instead of asking Santa for gifts for themselves, why not encourage kids to become Santas for a few less fortunate kids? Even giving away their old toys is a good start. There is so much about Christmas that is universal. So, this Christmas, like every year, I will put up a tree, buy gifts for my friends and kids, watch mushy Christmas movies on TV, volunteer at the food bank and cook a special meal for my family. Oh, and I will definitely be sending out free Christmas ecards from to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Cost cutting tips for Christmas gifts

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

The plunging economy and job cuts have taken their toll on many families and parents are worried if they will be able to afford Christmas gifts for their children. Here are some money saving tips to bring you some holiday cheer without lightening your pocket book :


1. Makes gifts. Home made cookies, a scarf from an old silk shirt or bed linen, a bow tie from the sash of a dress, a bracelet from beads leftover from a craft project…can you see the possibilities? Chances are people will love these gifts because you took the time to make them. What’s more, since you are making them, you can personalize it too. Gifts do not have to be expensive. Just creative, thoughtful and useful. 

2. Gifts don’t have to be things. They can be activities. When was the last time your family spent time together actually doing something? It could be as simple as a walk around your block, stopping to admire the decorations in each house. Or a picnic in a park. Or volunteering for your community. Or even organizing a Christmas play with the neighborhood kids. In today’s hectic lifestyle, TIME is the biggest gift.

3. Drawing names of family members written on pieces of paper. This way, each member of the family picks out one other member’s name and they only have to get one gift for that person. So everybody still receives a gift, and nobody has to blow his or her budget. 

4. Kids could make coupons for services you can offer. They could be ‘Mow Lawn’, ‘Clean Dishes’, ‘Fold Laundry’ that could be redeemed at a later time. What better gift can a child give a parent?

5. Use old magazine covers, newspapers, paper grocery bags for wrapping. Encourage kids to personalize them with art or poems. These make unique, inexpensive and attractive gift wraps. 

6. Send free ecards. No matter how far or near your loved ones live, there is one gift that everyone can afford and everyone appreciates – heartfelt wishes. Sending free ecards is a great way to wish your loved ones with a personal message. Adding a picture and voice to the ecard personalizes it further. Select free Christmas ecards from

Christmas Shrink your to-do List

Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

Well, the elections are finally over, and you know what that means: it’s time to get ready for Christmas!

It seems like we’ve gotten to a point in our society where the period of time between holidays is counted in shopping days, rather than calendar days.  It’s easy to get lost, and feel weighed down, by all the stresses that preparing for the holidays entails.  You have to buy gifts, you have to wrap them, you have spend gas money going back and forth from home to the mall.  You have to order that special present online and hope it arrives by Christmas, and you have to hope you don’t go seriously, seriously over budget.

 At, we’re doing our small part to make the holidays just a little less stressful.  Now, instead of adding the buying, addressing and mailing out of holiday cards to your already-overbooked to-do list, you can check out our free e-cards.  Our animated free christmas e-cards don’t require that you make a trip to the department store, and all you need to do is give us the e-mail address of whomever you want to send them to.  It’s that easy!

Chritmas Ecards

It seems that Christmas is always just around the corner, and you never seem to stop scrambling for gifts.  But with each year, it gets harder and harder to be original—and to not be boring! is a great solution to normal holiday gift giving.  With our free Ecards, you’ll be sending a gift that not only will make your friend or loved one smile and laugh, but it won’t cost you a dime!  That’s because we only have free christmas ecards at  Just head over to our website, and browse our extensive collection of Christmas ecards.

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