Thanksgiving Ecards
Thanksgiving Ecards

When I was a kid, it seemed to me that around November, school became a more fun place to go: there were treats all the time, holiday plays in the auditorium, and a couple of days off to look forward to. And who could forget the Thanksgiving arts and crafts! Every year in elementary school we had to make two things: a pilgrim and a turkey. The pilgrim was easy, we just needed to draw a big hat and a big buckle. The turkey was much more fun to make; we each traced our hands and creatively turned the thumb into the turkey’s head and the fingers into the colorful feathers.

Now that my kids are old enough for arts and crafts, I have been teaching them these age old November traditions. In the times of computer graphics and digital cameras, these activities are a bit too “cave-man” for my kids. But once I have their completed projects in my hands (of which I did most of the work) and stick them to the fridge, I am quickly taken back to my own childhood days and can’t help but smile.

You most likely know someone with their own childhood memories of holiday arts and crafts. Bring a smile to their face by sending them the free animated ecard, Turkey Hand. You’ll be sure to smile too, or at least say “gobble-gobble!”

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  1. I have four children: two are teens and still at home; two are grown and gone. I have numerous pictures of pilgrims, and turkeys made of hand tracings, which no money in the world could buy from me! These artworks are especially precious, now that they are getting older, and moving on to start their own lives.

    As a child growing up in the 1950’s, I remember that just about everything we made as school was constructed from macaroni and/or rice! Anything saved made from those two materials usually ended up as mouse attractant when placed in our downstairs closet, which then became mouse food.

    We all have fond memories of Thanksgiving and look forward to creating new memories for our children. As a grown up, it’s so nice to be able to send a cute ecard such as Turkey Hand to my own siblings, so far away and raising families of their own. So, thanks for the nice cards.

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