October 20, 2008

Ecards and politics –a healthy mix?

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Obama For Change

Obama For Change

With the presidential elections around the corner, there is no shortage of material for late night comedy shows, humor columns and comic strips. Politics and the candidates have made their way into ecards too. As election day nears, more and more ecards are being created with politics as their theme. Some ecards mock at one or both the candidates, their running mates and their catch phrases. Others have more universal themes revolving around politics. Either way, these ecards serve as stress relievers. Witty lines, cynical comments, spoofs on politicians are all popular concepts. Who doesn’t like to share a hilarious ecard with friends and colleagues? And some of these jokes are in fact quite clever. But, the fact is that politics, as such, is a very serious issue. Especially this election is being slated as one of the most crucial in America’s history. Considering the current economical situation, the next president of the US will have a pivotal role to play in shaping the country’s and the world’s future. So, is it really ok to take things lightly and to make jokes out of the campaigns? Does that diminish the graveness of the situation and mislead people into believing that everything is fine when that’s far from reality? Do these jokes and wisecracks cause today’s youngsters to take an important responsibility lightly?

Or do we need these lighter moments to take our minds off the bad news all around?

What’s your take?

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