July 21, 2009

Let Free Ecards go to work when you take a vacation



Set Event Reminders!

Imagine this. You’re on a family vacation. As you sit sipping your favorite cocktail on a gorgeous pool-side deck in your ocean-front hotel, your kids splash in the water park; it’s a beautiful summer day and you think “This is life!” And then you begin humming a tune. It’s your favorite song (although you may sound completely off key). It brings back memories of college days. “Ah, those were the days”, you think.

And that’s when it hits you. Yesterday was your best friend’s birthday. And for the first time in your life, you forgot.

Everybody needs to unwind and forget about the daily grind once in a while. But, there are some things you can’t afford to forget, no matter where you are.

Although a phone call and a belated birthday wish may be all it will take for you to make up, there’s really no excuse to forget someone’s birthday. And a belated wish is well…belated. It’s never the same as wishing someone on their special day.

Well, luckily for you, this is an imaginary situation.

In real life, of course, you would have set the gotfreecards event and birthday reminders. So, the minute you checked your messages, you would have remembered what day it was and promptly called your friend to wish her.

Or, even better, you would already have scheduled birthday ecards to be sent to her on her birthday using our “Send now” or “Send on (birthday) date” feature. So she’ll know that no matter where you are, you still think of her and care enough to wish her.

And you can go back to sipping your heavenly cocktail and soaking in the July sun.

June 26, 2009

In time for July 4th a winner

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We have a winner for our $100 Giveaway conducted at various blog sites. The winner is Kristy from Toranto she won at the blog . The final draw was done at

Congrats! Kristy. Hope you have fun. And you can send your friends South of the Border 4th of July Ecards.

May 27, 2009

Free Ecards Review

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Hi recently we were listed as a Cool Website of the Day by a very large website Here is what they wrote about us 

GotFreeCards - Provides a quick and hassle-free way to send animated ecards to a loved one, coworker and friend. The site has ecards for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Get Well Soon, Holiday, Friendship etc. You can customize the ecards by adding an image or by uploading music to give it a personal touch. Read more: GotFreeCards: Free Ecards, Event Reminders and Printable Cards

There are many other blogs that have reviewed us but one desrves special mention The Momma in Flip Flops2. Please visit her site and read the free ecards review.

May 6, 2009

Win an iPod Nano for forgetting someone’s birthday

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When was the last time you were rewarded for being forgetful? You could be well on your way to wining an iPod Nano for that very reason. Yep! Go ahead and register for an event or birthday reminder feature on, before the end of May 2009. Set up a reminder for special occasions that are coming up. And then forget about it. Not only will we make sure that you remember to send the person a birthday wish or make it to an event on time, but you will also have the chance of winning an iPod Nano! Just for registering. Now, what are you waiting for? 

Register here and enter yourself in the May Mania iPod Nano Draw.

March 17, 2009

Personalize your Ecards, It only takes a minute!

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Do you remember the last ecard you received? Probably not. If you do, then what specifically do you remember about it?

Chances are you remember it because it was personalized. With a note. Or the sender’s voice. Or picture. Or maybe all of those. Now, there’s no question that our free ecards are pretty cool by themselves. That’s why you send them! But what makes each of our ecards special is not what we put into it. It’s how you personalize it!

Follow these quick tips to personalize each and every ecard you send. It’s what makes the difference between another ecard and a message from your heart!

1. Add a personal note. Even if it’s just one line. Address the person you are sending the ecard to by name. Even something like ‘Have a wonderful year ahead’ or ‘I hope your birthday is as special as you are’, or ‘Lots of love and hugs from…’might suffice. Your personal note reflects your feelings or wishes and brings the ecard alive. 

2. Add a picture. We all have hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Digital pictures. So, why not share one with your ecard? Adding a picture instantly personalizes your ecard. A picture of you with your family. Or just one that reminds the recipient of you, the good times you shared or something funny. Whatever it is, it will only take a few seconds to add one, but it will bring more joy than you may realize. So, the next time you send an ecard, be sure to click on Add a photo! This feature is available with most of our ecards.

3. Add voice.  Remember the first time you were away from home or separated from a loved one? The first time you spoke over phone, you probably said to each other ‘It’s so good to hear your voice!’ The voice of a loved makes us feel better even when we’re across the globe. To use the Add voice feature available on many of our ecards, all you have to do is use your computer’s mic and sound recorder to record and store a short voice greeting, poem or song. Then simply attach it with your ecard to cheer up your loved one on his special day. Very few of you seem to be using this incredibly cool, yet simple feature. What’s keeping you? Let us know! 

We assure you, these three simple personalization steps will be completely worth it!

March 2, 2009

Got Free Ecards make over

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Do you like our new avatar?

If you visited recently you probably noticed that we have been hard at work! Yep! We’re working on creating a better, friendlier website that you will find easier to use than ever before.

We are really excited about these changes that will save you time and make sending ecards even more of a breeze.

If you have been visiting us for some time, then you know that in just a few short months, we added several new features to our site – including the event reminderprintable cardspost cards and famous quotes. On our blog we bring you tips and gift ideas for different occasions and updates about our latest features and ecards. And of course, we are constantly updating our large selection of free ecards and post cards with wonderful new themes. You can rate, bookmark or add our site to your myspace page – all of which will help us understand what you like about us and where we can improve.

So, go ahead, tell us. How do you like our new look? And what new features would you like to see bring you in the coming months?

January 12, 2009

Daily Quotes

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I have a set schedule of things I want to do, and I do my best to hold to that schedule.  For example, every morning, while waiting for my coffee to brew, I sit outside (as long as the weather cooperates) and read through some reference materials.  Currently, I have what’s called an “Intellectual Devotional,” a book which has, for each day of the year, a short history lesson, in all manners of disciplines (this morning I learned a bit about Alexander the Great’s rise to Power.  The reason I do this isn’t is because it’s said that our minds are most open to accumulating knowledge shortly after we wake up.  I figure that means if I read these materials in the morning, I’m more likely to hold onto the knowledge. 

            Something I recently added to the morning regimen are the “Famous Quotes” on  Every morning, after I’m done with the day’s history lesson, I go to, click on “Famous Quotes” at the top of the page, and I’m taken to a daily-indexed page of great things that have been said by great people throughout history.  If one particularly strikes me, I write it down in a small notebook I carry around.  There are new entries added nearly every day, and, looking to the left of the page, you’ll see you can even search based on author or subject.  You should give it a try, because a little knowledge can go a long way.

October 23, 2008

How will you celebrate Diwali?

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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Deewali or Deepavali, the most popular festival of India falls on Monday, Oct 27, 2008. How will you celebrate?

There are different beliefs, rituals, mythological tales and legends associated with Deepavali, the festival of lights. Even the name has variations ranging from Diwali, to Deevali. In Hindi, its expansion ‘Deepon ki Aavali’ means row of lights, which are used to represent this festival. Some believe that this is the day Lord Krishna destroyed Narakasur, the demon. Others believe that this is the day Lord Ram vanquished the demon king Ravan. No matter what the belief, this festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is one of the festivals that is celebrated in almost every state and region of India. To some, it represents the birth of a new year. Rituals like playing cards all night are believed to bring in prosperity. For others, it is an auspicious day to buy gold or a new house or appliances.

Deepavali is celebrated in different ways. People meet friends and relatives, exchange sweets and goodies, wear new clothes, worship in temples, decorate the house and porch with lamps and rangoli. Blockbuster movies hit the theatres. Prime time programs revolve around interviews with film stars and how they celebrate the festival.

Amidst all this fanfare, the true significance of the occasion tends to get lost. Now might be a good time to remind ourselves the real meaning of Deepavali. A lamp or light symbolizes dispelling the darkness of ignorance and evil in each of us. Ravan and Narakasur represent the demons in us. Each of us possesses the noble qualities that Lord Ram and Lord Krishna propagated. Deepavali is a reminder of the eternal flame glowing within us. It is this realization that leads to enlightenment, bliss and everlasting peace.

So by all means, celebrate Deepavali with friends and family. Exchange gifts and deewali ecards. Wear your finest clothes and jewelry. Treat yourself to a feast and fireworks.

But in addition, why not start and end the day spending a few quiet moments looking inwards?

Wish you a very peaceful, safe and happy Diwali!

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