Happy Independence Day India – Aug 15th

If you have roots in India, then Aug 15 holds special meaning for you.

You may not have been around 62 years ago when India won her independence. But, surely, you have enjoyed the liberties of being born and raised in or having ties with an independent India.

As we approach independence day on August 15th, Indians are proud of the progress they’ve made in various fields. The past couple of years provided some great moments of pride to Indians across the globe – India’s launch of Chandrayan, her first Mission to the Moon, Abhinav Bindra winning the long-awaited and elusive Olympic gold and A.R Rahman winning the coveted Academy Award to name a few. But it’s not just the famous names and faces that make India proud. Everyday, there are millions of nameless, faceless people in various walks of life and professions ranging from army personnel to doctors, teachers, social workers, engineers, entertainers, scientists, religious leaders, homemakers and countless others hard at work to do their bit for their country, society and fellow citizens.  August 15 is in fact a day to celebrate their spirits and hard work.

And yet, even after six decades, India is still not free from other self-imposed shackles that continue to plague her existence and stunt her growth. It is these negatives that come to light, far more frequently than the positives – maybe because they’re more abundant or maybe because that is human nature. Complaining is easier than appreciating.

India is still the land of the most ancient cultures and rich heritage. It is still where many religions of the world have their roots. India is still the birthplace of some of the oldest civilizations, languages, sciences and arts. This may not be immediately obvious to someone visiting the country today, or even to Indians living in India or abroad, as we may have strayed quite far from our origins in our quest for modernization. But, the core, no doubt, remains intact- buried beneath several superfluous layers perhaps- but intact nonetheless.

It is that truth, the core, the soul of India that we celebrate on Independence Day.

So, Indians – no matter where you are, be sure to spare a few moments of thought and prayer celebrating your great country and her heritage and wishing her a glorious future.

And regardless of your plans, spare a quick couple of minutes to send free Indian Independence Day ecards to your friends and family.