What is Valentine’s Day


When I met my husband, I was excited for February and our very first Valentine’s Day. I was also quite nervous as streams of questions traveled through my head. What should I get him? What will he get me? Does he know it is Valentine’s Day? Should I remind him? Do I make dinner reservations or does he? I decided the best way to handle my nerves was to talk about it openly with him and ask him what he wanted to do and what our budget was for gifts. So romantic, I know! His answer: “Oh, Valentine’s Day is my brother’s birthday, so we’ll have dinner at my parents’ house to celebrate.”

I was of course, devastated, and thought that if I became serious with this man, that the rest of my

Valentine Ecards
Valentine Ecards

Valentine’s Day dates would be spent with his parents! After a few years of Valentine’s dinners with my in-laws, I started to see the benefits and the joys to having a Valentine’s celebration with family. Not only did we never have to make dinner reservations at an overbooked and overpriced restaurant, we got to enjoy the company of loved ones at the same time and same place each year, to celebrate love and birthdays. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about the stress of what gift to get and what restaurant to eat at. It should be about simple things like love and good company. Don’t let your loved ones forget it, send them Free ecards from GotFreeCards.com for Valentine’s day, remind them what February 14th is all about.

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