New Year’s Save a Toast


New Year Ecards
New Year Ecards

New Year’s Eve is a special day for a couple of different reasons.  It is a chance to look back on the year that was, reflecting on and missing the good memories, and bidding good riddance to the bad experiences.  The New Year’s holiday is also a chance to get together with the most important people in our lives, and share wishes, hopes and dreams of the coming year ahead. 

            And at the end of the evening, as that clock strikes midnight, and the year that is officially becomes the year that was, we toast to continued good health and cheer, and everyone smiles, wondering just what, exactly the next 365 days will bring.

            But New Year’s can, and should be, also a time to remember those who make it their life’s work to fight for all the opportunities we sometimes take for granted.  We may not always like their mission, but our men and women in the military have fought for us, do fight for us now, and will fight for us in the future. 

            So on this New Year’s Eve, as 2008 winds down to a close, save at least one toast for all the brave men and women who our way of life possible.

New Year Looking Forward


New Years Ecards
New Years Ecards

Well, a new year is almost here.


           In less than two months from now, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2008, and welcoming in 2009.  As this year draws to a close, I find myself looking back on all the things that made 2008 a special year, and looking forward to all the ways that 2009 can be better.  In 2008, my little brother made the all-star soccer team; in 2009, he may get the opportunity to go professional.  In 2008, my father got a raise at his job; in 2009, he’ll get to retire.  In 2008, I left my hometown behind me, to look forward to greener pastures and new adventures; in 2009, I may move on once again.

           Anything and everything may happen, and that’s the beauty of celebrating the new year: we’re toasting to the days that have already gone by, and we’re toasting to those wonderful ones still ahead of us.

           This year, on December 31st, wherever you are when you watch that great ball drop in Times Square, remember not only to look back on the year that was, but to also look forward to the year that may be. And while you are at it send some New Years Ecards.