My Most Memorable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day took a sweet turn for me a few years ago. Here’s how-

I grew up in a country where Mother’s Day was never a big deal. So, I began celebrating the holiday only a few years ago.  Celebrating may not even be the right word. All I did was to call my mom and wish her, and on a few occasions, I sent her flowers and a greeting card.

My mom, of course, would shrug it away as if it was the silliest thing to celebrate a day in her honor.

As for me, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea and always felt uncomfortable with the way in which we were commercializing our feelings for our loved ones, but, I played along and saw no harm in wishing Mom a Happy Mother’s Day once a year.

But everything changed in the summer of 2006.

I became a Mom.

Mother’s Day since then has never been the same.  Every year on Mother’s Day, my little girl wishes me in her own sweet way and I can’t express how much I value and cherish her little ‘gifts’ and cards.  We’ve celebrated three Mother’s Days since my daughter was born.  Although I remember all of them well and have fond memories of my baby wishing me, Mother’s Day 2009 was probably the most memorable.

We celebrated it on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Perfect weather, a beautiful ocean, the most gorgeous sunrise and miles of soft sand and sparkling sea shells made last year’s Mother’s Day weekend wonderful in every way. It was my daughter’s first trip to the beach. We spent the day building sand castles, collecting sea shells, telling sea monster stories, strolling along the beach and just having a marvelous time.

Technically speaking, there was no ‘Mother’s Day gift’.  But I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

Watching my daughter enjoy herself without a care in the world, exploring sand and sea in her cute bathing suit gave me more joy than any designer gift could have.  I had a great time myself, with no thoughts of work or chores or bills ruining my experience.

It was a beautiful, memorable Mother’s Day, and it didn’t cost us a fortune or weeks of elaborate planning.

That Mother’s Day made me realize that holidays and special occasions are opportunities for us to create memories together. You don’t have to spend your savings or plan meticulously to have a good time and show your loved ones how much you care.  A gift is great, but it doesn’t have to break your budget or be the focus of your celebration.

Spending less money on ‘things’ and more time with each other may be the secret to having memorable moments throughout our lives.  Speaking from personal experience, I strongly recommend you try it. Instead of splurging on gifts, plan an outing or a day with your Mom. It could be as simple as a picnic in her backyard or a trip to her favorite spot in the city.  What makes it special and memorable is the fact that you spend time with her doing what she enjoys and just have a good time together.

So, Moms, here’s wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day – may you be surrounded by love and joy and may the fond memories of your special day last forever.

P.S:  Don’t tell anyone…but this year, I’ll be flying home with my daughter to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom and Grandma. Four generations, three Moms, three Daughters. That should be some Mother’s Day celebration!