Gearing up for July 4th!

Memorial Day Weekend is here but it’s never too early to start planning your July 4th celebrations, is it?!

From baseball games to barbecues, block parties to parades, fireworks to picnics – do you ever wonder how on earth we came up with these countless ways to celebrate the Fourth?
And why not?!

Isn’t it just the best time of the year to celebrate? With allergy season behind you and winter months far from your thoughts, July 4th is the perfect date, falling smack in the middle of the calendar year.
Who can resist the beautiful outdoors with clear summer skies and warm, lazy, long afternoons that stretch well into the evening?!

If you think about it, July 4th is a celebration of not just the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, but of all things American.

Families plan the entire July 4th weekend, at times, the whole week around their favorite Fourth tradition. It is one of the busiest times of the year to travel, be it by road or air. Airline tickets for this weekend get booked months ahead. Tourists throng amusement parks, beaches and other attractions. This is the ideal family vacation time for most people because it coincides with the kids’ summer vacation and the weather is great in almost every part of the country, with a very few exceptions.

If there’s one holiday in the year that everyone in the family loves and looks forward to the most, I’m guessing it would be July 4th in most cases. And well, who wouldn’t like a low stress, high fun holiday anyway?

In coming posts, we’ll explore some of the favorite July 4th traditions, myths surrounding the 4th of July celebrations and other interesting aspects of this great American holiday. If you have a favorite Fourth tradition in your family or a funny or interesting memory of a particular July 4th, do write in and share it with us.