Thanksgiving Activity for Kids – Printable Thanksgiving Cards

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for us to reconnect with family members we very rarely get to see.  Thanksgiving is also a time for grandparents to get hugs and kisses from grandchildren who live so far away from them.  How great would it be if this Thanksgiving you could help your son or daughter with a fun little project…something they could show to Grandma or Grandpa on Thanksgiving Day?  Well, here’s how you can do it!

With all the great free animated ecards available at, there are also a ton of “do-it-yourself” card projects, perfect for young children to do (with a little help, of course!).  With just a few easy steps, you can help your son or daughter make Grandma and Grandpa fun little printable cards.

First, go to the Free Printable Thanksgiving Cards page.  Once you’re there, you’ll see all kinds of different designs to choose from, in thumbnail form.  You and your son or daughter just pick your favorite one, and click on it. Oh, if you just roll over the thumbnail images with your mouse, you’ll get to see a larger preview of the image, too.

If you pick one of the coloring cards, all you have to do is click on your design, and when the larger image appears on the next page, click “Print.”  Then, you and your child can color in the picture together.  With these coloring cards, you can add your own text and photos, too; but they’re also perfect just the way they are, too.

If you don’t want to do a coloring card, though, just pick your favorite design among the others, and click on it to go to the design page.  The first thing to notice are the two tabs at the top of the page: “Cover” and “Inside.”  Clicking on each tab will show you a preview of the corresponding parts of the card, and you can edit both the cover and inside to your heart’s content.  For now, let’s start with the default: the cover.

A default image is displayed.  You have a couple choices here.  You can leave the image as is, delete the image (by clicking the X at the top left hand side of the image) and upload your own, or add your own photo over top of the existing image, repositioning it as you see fit.  If you want to add your own photo in any event, click the button to the right of the image that says, “Add Photo.”  You’ll be taken to an explorer window, where you and your child can look through all the pictures on your personal computer.  Find the one you want to use, and click “Open.”

After the picture loads, if you decide you really don’t want to use it, click the new X that appears.  Otherwise, by clicking and dragging anywhere on the image, you can move it around the screen.  You can also, if you position the cursor at any edge of the picture and then click and drag, resize the picture.  There’s also a little curved arrow at the top right of the image, too.  By clicking and dragging that, you can tilt the picture to different angles.  (All of these features, by the way, can be utilized with the default image, as well.)  Once you have your image just the way you like it, it’s time to move on to text.

Click the “Add Text” button, to the right of the card, and a text box appears inside the card.  After you type your message, you can maneuver it around the screen, in exactly the same way you did with your image.  Now, to the right of the card, you’ll see a bunch of font options.  Here, you can change the font, the color, style and alignment.

Now that we’re done with the cover, click the “Inside” tab at the top of the card, and design the interior any way you like—exactly the same way you did the outside!

All that’s left to do now is print.  If you just want the whole card on a single side of the page, which you can fold yourself later, click “Print 1 sided.”  If you want to print your card on the front and back sides of the page, click, “Print Front & Back.”

It’s a relatively easy process, as you can see, and a fun activity you can do with your son and daughter.  And don’t forget Grandma and Grandpa—they’ll love the Thanksgiving card you and your child made together!