Pricey Mother’s Day Vs Budget-friendly Father’s Day


In the United States, Mother’s day ranks very high on the list of high budget occasions, lagging not too far behind Christmas and a couple of other holidays. Father’s Day on the other hand, doesn’t even come close most years. Why is it that we don’t spend as much on Dad as we do on Mom?

A few guesses –

a) Everybody knows – Mom appreciate gifts, flowers, cards and the whole Mother’s Day shindig a lot, while Dad couldn’t care less.

b) Mother’s day comes first. So we blow our budget in May and don’t have enough green saved up to splurge on Dad in June.

c) We just have more options when it comes to Mom. There isn’t much that Dad wants anyway.

d) Who are we kidding – Mom is way more special? (Ok, I admit. I am one. But that’s not why I added this option! Honest.)

 What do you think? a), b), c), d) or other? Share your thoughts. Let’s get this settled. Add your comments below.

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