How to create an Ecards with you Face

How to Create a Face Ecard

Feel like getting a little extra creative with your ecards? Face ecards are a great way to lighten up whether it’s a birthday, holiday or any other ‘ordinary’ day. These free ecards come with a refreshingly funny twist – you or one of your friends or loved ones is the star. From Santa to a pop star to King of the Jungle – the face you choose turns into a character in the ecard. Imagine the surprise and delight the recipient will experience on seeing your face ecard! Mission accomplished.

Face ecards are easy to create. Here’s what you do. Once you’re on the Face Ecards page,

1. Scroll down and view all the face ecards in our collection. Click on one you like.
2. Play the card once with your speaker volume turned up, so you can be sure it’s a card you want to send.
3. Click on Personalize Card.
4. Click on Browse Photo. You will then be able to browse through and pick a photo from your computer.
5. Once you’ve selected a picture, you will be able to see it in the rectangular space.
6. Note the two editing sliders at the bottom – Resize Image and Rotate Image. Use the slider to reposition the image, resize it and get it to look exactly the way you want.
7. If you are happy with the image, click on Done. If not, click on Add Photo to change your picture. You can also click on Preview to see what your photo will look like in the Face Ecard.
8. When you’ve finished creating and previewing your face ecard, enter the information below the card including your name and email, the recipient’s name and email and a personal message.
9. Click ‘Send’, sit back and wait for the recipient to tell you how much they loved their ecard.
10. Repeat steps 1-9 for another recipient.

Face Ecards are great for birthdays, Christmas, July 4th, Father’s Day and just about any day when you feel like sending an ecard but don’t quite know which kind to pick. A free face ecard may be your answer.

Give someone you love a reason to smile. View and send a christmas face ecard today.

PS other sites have referred to this feature as elf yourself