Spring into Action with Exciting Easter Celebrations

Has Spring worked its magic on you yet? It sure has lifted my spirits. This is the time of the year I feel most optimistic and confident. How about you?

Anyway, with Easter less than 2 weeks away, how is your family getting geared for this Spring holiday? Of course, you’ll probably be sending your friends and family free Easter Ecards or free Easter Printable cards at home. Besides that,

However you celebrate, we at gotfreecards send you our warmest wishes on the occasion of Easter. May this Spring holiday bring you renewed hope and enthusiasm and may it be a season of wonderful new beginnings.

Speaking of beginnings, did you know how the customs and traditions surrounding Easter started? The story of the Easter Bunny is an interesting one and it actually had less to do with the holiday and more to do with the time of the year – Spring is mating and procreation season for most animals and the rabbit(hare) represents fertility. Easter got its name from the festival celebrated in honor of the Pagan Goddess of Fertility, Eastre!

Many colorful stories and traditions are associated with this Christian holiday, which also coincides with Spring break for many in America.

So wherever you are and no matter how you celebrate, here’s wishing you a Happy Easter and a wonderful, beautiful, joyful spring.

Now, it’s your turn to send your loved ones the same wish with free Easter Ecards or free Easter Printable Ecards.

Spread smiles, love… and Spring cheer!