Tips to make Halloween Trick-or-Treating a fun trip!

Halloween is almost here. As you get ready to take your kids trick or treating, here are some tips to make the evening more enjoyable for everyone.

* Plan to be home from work early. Start for work earlier than usual if you have to or get the day’s work done in advance. Leave enough time to make dinner, get dressed, get your kids dressed, handle last-minute costume emergencies and leave on time for trick-or-treating.

* Make sure your kids eat a healthy, filling meal before leaving. You don’t need an expert to tell you – hungry kids get cranky soon. This way, even if you get delayed on the way or are held up in traffic (in case you are driving them to trick-or-treat), they won’t be hungry for a few hours.

* Set some candy rules before leaving. It’s tough for kids to resist temptation when they have dozens of candies readily available in their pumpkin baskets. To avoid them from filling up on candies, set a reasonable limit before leaving. Teach them to practice self-control by allowing them to save up the treats for later in the week when they finish homework early or do well in a test.

* Check your city’s weather forecast and plan accordingly. Take along raincoats or an umbrella. If it’s windy or cold, kids could put on the Halloween costumes over their warm clothes or sweaters. Make sure little ones are properly clothed in warm outfits.

* Try to go trick-or-treating in a group with friends. Not only is it more fun, it’s also safer, especially if you are new to the neighborhood.

* Plan your route before leaving home. Regardless of whether you are going to walk or drive, follow a route and plan the number of stops you will make. This way, you will save time, energy and fuel. Even if you lose your group midway, you will know exactly where to find them.

Have a safe, spooky and happy Halloween!