July 4th – Traditions and Celebrations

July 4th Ecards

July 4th Ecards

Just a few more weeks to go for July 4th! Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate this year? What will you be doing differently this time around? Are you thinking of cutting back on or expanding your celebrations? Share your thoughts! 

·         Fireworks constitute the grand finale to July 4th celebrations. But do you know that unlike many of the other traditions, this is not a recent addition? Fireworks have been a part of July the 4th celebrations since 1777, the first anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.  

The ringing of bells, firing of 13 guns and a grand display of fireworks marked that momentous occasion.

·         Will you be having a fireworks display in your own backyard? Even then, the experience of a public fireworks display at a local park or a famous one such as the Macy’s fireworks display, which is known to be the largest and grandest, or the celebrations in The National Mall, Washington, DC is definitely worth your while. If you’ve always wanted to experience one of those, this year may be a good time to find the best travel and hotel deals.

·         Patriotic music and songs often accompany fireworks displays. Here’s a list of patriotic songs you could brush up on, in time for July 4th. How about learning some of them with your kids and making this July 4th a true family celebration?

·         Speaking of patriotism, will you be proudly displaying the American flag outside your home, in your yard or on your vehicle? Then here are some pointers you should bear in mind regarding flag do’s and don’t’s

Over time, the warm weather and other factors, such as schools closing for the summer led to the adoption of various other July 4th traditions -picnics, block parties, baseball games and barbecues being some of them. One aspect clearly stands out in all of this. 

July 4th is more of a gathering with friends and family than a private celebration. It is one occasion that gives people the chance to come together and celebrate with their neighbors, friends and families.  

So, write in and tell us – which is your favorite 4th tradition? Have you created a July 4th family tradition?