Free Ecards for Diwali – How do you pick a favorite?

Nothing symbolizes Diwali better than an image of children enjoying fireworks, dressed in their finest, new clothes. Which is why this is one my favorite Diwali ecards this year.

Something about the colors and joyous expressions on these kids’ faces puts me in Diwali mood already. It reminds me of all the Deepavalis I celebrated as a child. Although the anticipation of the festival set in weeks earlier, the real highlight was the arrival of gifts and firecrackers. The heavenly aroma of sweets and savories would start wafting through our home a few days before Deepavali. One evening, a few days before Diwali, my dad and uncles would bring home huge boxes of fire crackers and sparklers for all of us kids to enjoy. Friends, relatives and neighbors would drop in with boxes of sweets and gifts. Grandparents would narrate tales associated with Diwali. Every year, they would introduce us to an aspect of a story or character that was new to us.

Another of my favorite rangoli Diwali ecards (has the delicate fingers of a lady adorning her home with the traditional Rangoli – a design made on the floor with rice flour and colored powder. It is an art I have not managed to master yet, but every time I see an intricately created Rangoli, I can’t help but stop to admire it. There are many different styles of Rangolis in India. In Tamil, they’re called Kolams. A kolam is a meticulously created geometric design that adorns the front of a home or the entrance to a shrine. The more auspicious the occasion, the more ornate the design. In North India, Rangolis  – as the name suggests (Rang = Color) – are colorful designs, usually of flowers or other auspicious symbols, as seen in this free Diwali ecard.

During Diwali, the kolams and rangolis are adorned with beautiful Diyas or earthen lamps. The glow of the lamps further enriches the artistic designs, highlighting the best parts. Some rangolis are also decorated with colorful flowers and leaves.

And of course, how can one forget Lord Ganesh? On Diwali, and any other auspicious occasion, Hindus invoke His blessings before beginning any of the celebrations. So, it’s only natural that He is featured in some of these free ecards. If you have never sent out a Diwali ecard before and are not sure of which one to pick, one of these is sure to be a good choice.

Enjoy all of them and pick the ones you like the best. Go ahead and send as many as you wish. They’re all free, animated and easy to send.

Do stop by and tell us which free ecard or printable diwali cards you like best and why.