December 20, 2008

It is Eggnog time

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Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

Eggnog. To its numerous fans, the word evokes feelings of warmth, sweetness, and satisfaction. But to a random few, who shall remain nameless (my sister, Lindsey), it brings feelings of horror, the inability to swallow, and nightmares of liquid eggs in a cup. This fear is so strange to me, for I LOVE the yellow holiday beverage, that every year I try to trick my sister into drinking it at Christmas dinner. Because I know if she just tasted it one more time, she’d be in love, just like me. But alas, each year I am promptly found out and scolded by my dear sister. She hasn’t had a sip in over 15 years.


Recently I made my young son aware of the awesomeness of Eggnog, and as he has been asking to have it for breakfast all week, I decided I should find out what it really is! The word “Eggnog” means ‘egg inside of a cup’ and has an English background. As it became popular in recent centuries, people began adding rum, whiskey, or other fun additives for an extra kick. The original recipe was just milk or cream, eggs and sugar. But the carton I picked up from the grocery store also has included in the recipe High Fructose Corn Syrup, a few additives, and Turmeric for extra color, to name a few. I guess I could make my own, but who has time for that?? I still love my Eggnog, but I have to limit how much my young son drinks. It is only around during the holidays, so it is a special treat. As an added bonus this year, I am going to send my sister a lovely Christmas ecard with an added message to taunt her with: “It’s almost time for Eggnog!” Think she’ll still come over for Christmas?

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