Christma Take a Moment

As Thanksgiving comes, and quickly goes, we find that we barely have enough to catch our breath—let alone clean up the kitchen—before we start to fully realize that there’s less than a month left until Christmas. 

Christmas is a wonderful holiday, and if you’re anything like me, some of the best, most cherished memories from your life involve the Christmas Holiday season, in one manner or another.  It can be all too easy, though, to let the inherent stress of the Holidays get the better of us, and cause us to miss all the real joy that does surround us those few weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

I’m not leading into some great words of wisdom or advice, other than to say this: slow down, take your time, spend a few moments, every day, to remind yourself what the Holidays are really supposed to be about, and remember how, several months from now, it won’t be the hours spent in shopping lines that you remember, but the looks on your friends’ and loved ones’ faces when they open up that perfect gift on Christmas morning. Or the thank you note you receive for the thoughtful Christmas Ecards you sent from

So get to it, take a breath, and have a great Holiday season!