July 4th Celebration Ideas on a Budget

Just discovered you’re short of your July 4th travel budget? Ouch. But wait. The party’s not over yet.

So maybe you won’t be able to make it to National Mall in DC or to Chicago to witness the fireworks over Lake Michigan. But you can still have a fantastic Fourth right in your backyard, deck, patio or garden. Millions of Americans do.

And here are a few tips to get you started. Add some of your own and who knows, this might be turn out to be the July 4th you and your family will remember for years.

  1. Make July 4th crafts, favors and decorations. Give your kids some red, white and blue chalks or crayons, craft paper, thread and a glue stick and a pair of kids’ scissors. You’ll be amazed at the unique, creative stuff they turn out. Join them in the fun and together, you might end up making some really terrific Independence Day decorations. Display them with pride and a Made in America stamp!
  2. Start or join a neighborhood BBQ. You won’t believe how much you’ll save with this effort. Besides splitting the cost, you will also get to know your neighbors better and make new friends. Your kids will probably have a blast too, while grown-ups get a chance to catch up or relax. You could extend this idea by splitting the cost of fireworks and other decorations that everybody can enjoy as a group.
  3. Don’t miss the fireworks in your city. Even if you’ve seen it a dozen times, there’s still something new about the experience every year. Enjoying the July 4th fireworks from a local park or nearby beach is the most cost-effective way of celebrating the Fourth. You get to go out, meet friends, enjoy the outdoors, relax and watch the sky light up. All at no cost.
  4. Buy smart. Dollar and Discount stores offer plenty of choices when it comes to party decorations, crafts, favors, flags and other Independence Day buys. If you plan ahead, you can get almost all of them at a bargain. Don’t throw them away when the party’s over. Most of them can be salvaged, recycled or reused. Another smart thing to do may be to do your next year’s July 4th shopping on July 5th or 6th. Look around and if you spot a bargain, snatch it, save it and don’t forget you bought it, when the next Fourth comes along.
  5. Send free July 4th ecards and Printable Cards. With these, you don’t even have to leave home to wish someone a fantastic Fourth! You could even use some of the cards in our Printable Cards section as wall posters or inspiration for your crafts.

Do you have a July 4th celebration idea that saves you money? Share it with us!