Fun Things to Do on Father’s Day


FAthers Day Fishing
FAthers Day Fishing

There are many fun Father’s Day activities that go beyond presenting Dad with a card and/or gift in the morning, but the real secret to knowing what to do with Dad is about knowing all about what your dad likes to do! Father’s Day is a special day to commemorate all the great things he does for the family throughout the year, so Father’s Day presents an opportunity to show him appreciation and to show him a good time. 

Hobbies: Getting Out

A father’s personal hobbies are a great place to start when thinking about what types of Father’s Day activities dad might enjoy. His interests will determine what type of outing to plan: 

  • Fishing: Organize a fishing trip, or a trip to the aquarium.
  • Cars: Take dad to a car show, or present him with tickets to an upcoming car show or parade event.
  • Hiking or biking: Organize a Father’s Day hike or ride through an enjoyable trail within driving distance, or if you live by the beach, rent bicycles for the whole family and ride the bike path along the shore.
  • Movies: Agree on a movie the whole family can enjoy and take dad out.
  • Music: Take dad to a concert or present him with tickets to an upcoming show that you know he’d enjoy.

Relaxation: Staying at Home

For some dads, staying at home and relaxing is the best Father’s Day present there is! Here are some ideas to help dad celebrate his special day at home: 

  • BBQ: Organize a cookout at home, and be sure to make dad’s favorite foods. You can make the home look special by making and hanging personalized streamers, posters and blowing up balloons. Alternatively, cooking his favorite meal, complete with a special sweet, is a great idea.
  • Movie night: Rent one or two movies that are your dad’s favorites and make an enjoyable family movie night out of it right in the living room, complete with freshly made popcorn and other snacks.
  • Chore-free day: Many dads spend the weekends doing work around the house. This Father’s Day, divide up Dad’s usual chores and inform him that today is his day off. Start the day fixing dad’s favorite breakfast and fetching his paper. On Father’s Day, he is king for a day!


Gift Ideas for Dad

Here are gift recommendations from top sites: