Free Birthday Reminders

Top 5 Reasons to use Free Birthday Reminders

Here’s a small sampling of what I had to do today: I took my dog for a walk, worked an 8-hour shift at my job, came home and worked out, paid the electric bill, made a deposit at the bank, and cooked dinner.  That’s just a normal Wednesday, and it’s not over yet.  But I’m not telling you anything you don’t go through yourself, on a daily basis.  Our lives, after all, are usually packed from morning to night.

And usually, everything somehow ends up working out okay.  But if you throw a little monkey wrench in there—a birthday, an unexpected car repair to make, visiting a sick relative—your whole day can get thrown hopelessly off course.  Now, I can’t help you fix your car (I can barely fix my own!), and I can’t do anything for your sick relatives other than offer my best wishes, but there is one thing I can help with: making sure you don’t forget birthdays.

Free birthday reminders are a great way to, well, remind yourself of upcoming birthdays.  Here are the top five reasons why you should use birthday reminders to help you keep track of all those birthdays that have a nasty habit of messing up your busy schedule.

5) They’re Free! You could hire your own personal assistant to let you know when a friend or loved one has a birthday coming up.  And while your own personal assistant might be a little more entertaining that birthday reminders, they cost a heck of a lot more.  Birthday reminders, in fact, are absolutely free

4) Birthday Reminders are Incredibly Easy to set up. How many times do you check your e-mail every day?  Let’s say four or five (not counting checking your inbox at work!).  Even if you check your e-mail five times a day, you’re still spending more time doing that than it takes to set up a birthday reminder.  All you have to do is go to the birthday reminders homepage, type in a little bit of information, and boom!  You’re done!  Back to e-mail!

3) They see the Future. Most of us will probably use our birthday reminders just a couple of weeks or maybe a month in advance.  But if little Billy has a birthday today, you can send yourself a reminder for his next birthday today!  That’s right: a day, a week, or a month in advance, you can set up your birthday reminder to send you an e-mail on whichever date you choose!

2) Options Galore! Not only can you schedule birthday reminders for events occurring far off in the future, but there are plenty of other scheduling options available, to make sure the reminder works exactly how you want it to.  You can, for example, set up a reminder to be sent to you on the day of the event, a week before, or even a month ahead of time.  Also, you can set your reminder to do annual notifications, as well.

1) A Simple Part of a Complicated Life. Like I said above, we all have too much going on in our everyday lives to risk forgetting our loved ones’ birthdays.  Free birthday reminders were created simply because of that fact: because we’re so busy, and any small thing to take away a little of the burden goes a long, long way.

So for these reasons—and many more you’ll discover yourself—try out free birthday reminders for the next birthday on your calendar!